By Rev. John Okene
BIBLE PASSAGES: Ezekiel 13:18-20

The soul and the body are chosen to function as human being on earth. The soul is the central part of a man, where we have the mind which is the source of knowledge and the will which gives the man the capacity to choose. When the soul of a man is captured the man will find it difficult to make a choice of his own. Such a person will be under a spell or bewitchment. Anything his captor tells him is what he will do. Such a person’s mind also will be beclouded with strange thoughts that will lead to unusual behavior. Some persons whose souls have been captured at times behave like insane person. Also, there are powers or people who hunt after the soul of men. They will do everything possible to make sure that souls are captured. Some of them are soul trackers. They capture the soul and sell it in exchange for greatness, wealth, promotion, protection, etc.

“For among my people are found wicked men, they lay wait, as he that setteth snares, they set a trap, they catch men. As a cage is full of birds, so are their houses full….” Jeremiah 5:26-27.

Some of the soul hunters are marine or witchcraft agents empowered by the devil to capture souls of men. One of the purpose of hunting after souls is to capture the soul of a man and keep it in captivity under the water or in the coven. The second purpose is to kill the person entirely. The third purpose is to initiate the person into their kingdom. A person might be alive and working hard yet his soul is held bound or has been captured. Many people today have their souls captured and sold yet they are oblivious of it.

“They hunt our steps, that we cannot go in our streets; our end is near, our days are fulfilled; for our end is come” Lamentations 4:18.

One of the ways the soul hunters get their victims is through traps or snares. Such traps or snares could be sex outside marriage. An agent was confessing to me how she captured three persons in the church where she worshipped through sex. She kept their semen in a calabash under the river. According to her, they are now her slaves. All these confessions occurred during one of our deliverance sessions.

Today, if you have been captured, I command deliverance upon you in Jesus name.

“For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and adulteress will hunt for the precious life” – Proverbs 6:26

In the above verse, we see that a person can sell his soul on the altar of illicit sex with an agent of darkness. Another way a person’s soul can be captured is through hypnotism using incantations or summoning the spirit of the person to appear in an evil altar. Hypnotism is to satanically control the spirit of a man and dictate to the spirit on what to do and not to do. The will of such victim is subjected to the will of the soul hunter.