By Rev John Okene
Text: Jeremiah 5:26-28

In life, there are physical and spiritual markets. There is a spiritual market of darkness where the souls captured by soul hunters are sold. Many people today have their souls captured and sold yet they are oblivious of it. It is a tragedy to be a commodity of darkness and not know it. A man can actually be living physically while his soul has been sold off.

“Because of the multitude of the whoredom of the well favored harlot the mistress of witchcraft, that selleth victims through her whoredom and families through her witchcraft.” Nahum 3:4

Other ways the powers hunt for the souls of men are through the mouth gate. Many people or children have been initiated by the soul hunters through the food they ate physically or in their dreams. All demonic caterers are soul hunters. The Bible said in Jeremiah 5:26-28 these wicked men make mechanize of the souls they captured. Many yahoo boys today, when they sleep with any girl they capture the soul and use it for money. The girl might not die immediately, but gradually she will continue to degenerate. I decree soul hunters will be far from you in Jesus name.

Tragically, a man can sell his own soul for money. A man came to me for deliverance. He joined a particular cult who instructed him on what to do to have money. They told him to choose short life and the death of his first born. He agreed and did not only sold out his soul but also that of his first born. Thanks be to God of deliverance, after his confession, his son was delivered. The money also mysteriously disappeared.

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” Matthew 16:26
When these soul hunters summon the spirit of their victims there will be some form of manifestations. The persons might find themselves in strange places in the dream, some might exhibit suicidal thoughts. Others might have lifeless feelings or unexplained sickness etc. Some of the places where these soul hunters are found are in club houses, prostitutes joint, beer parlor and pepper soup joints, Witch doctor’s altar or shrines.

There are also some places where people practice religious witchcraft. In such fellowships, the members are controlled by visions and prophecies through familiar spirits. I prophesy, any place you have stepped into and your soul has been hunted, receive deliverance in Jesus name.