As we saw in part one of this series, marks can be place on a person by three persons, God, the devil and man. This mark can be visible or invisible to the naked eyes. For the invisible mark, it is placed on the spirit man of the person, it is the spirit man that carries the mark hence it is non visual to the naked eyes.
I remembered the story of a child of five years old who happened to be initiated into witchcraft. She was brought to our deliverance service, after the deliverance she was anointed. At mid-night while she was sleeping, the other witches came looking for her but could not identify her. They told her in the dream who they were looking for and she said she was the one. They were arguing with her that she was not the one because she was having a different mark on her forehead (which was the particular spot she was anointed). As they put their hands to touch her forehead their hands were set ablaze. The reason why the other witches could not identify her again is because she was branded by Christ after the deliverance and anointing
There are various facts about spiritual mark. Most spiritual marks are camouflaged to the physical eyes but are panoptical to the devil, God, demons and persons who have insight into the spirit realm. Most times these marks are placed on the head of the victim. The head is a symbol of destiny and any head that carries this mark automatically the destiny of such one has been tampered with or manipulated. Such person will find it difficult fulfilling his//her destiny. The mark can also be placed on the hands. The hands in this context is an allegory for the labor of our hands, so if any mans hand carry such evil marks, it means the labor of their hands has been mortgaged. Such person will always struggle to make ends meet in life. Some evil marks can also be inherited, especially if the parents have the mark on them. In most cases the mark is transferred to their offspring. Most times when a mark is placed on a person, it is for ownership. During the slave trade era, every slave bought is branded with a mark by the owner. Also spiritually, the devil can brand a person with a mark, indicating that such person is owned by him. Hence demons or evil powers will always be following the person. Marks also can be placed for preservation like we see in the case of the Israelites in the land of Goshen (Exo. 12:21-23) or for destruction like in Rev. 19:20. When a person is marked for destruction spiritually, no matter where the person is geographically located, his/her life will be characterized with disasters and constant attacks. Another purpose why marks are placed on people is for identification. For example, witches can place a mark on a person, no matter where the person relocates to, other witches can identify such a person as their prey and continue their attack on such a person. Evil marks also attracts evil spirits. I know of a sister who we conducted deliverance for because of an evil bird that always followed her anywhere she went. By divine insight, we discovered that she was carrying an evil mark on her head. That was how she was delivered from the strange bird.
Evil marks most times are placed on a person to establish a covenant. Anytime an incision is placed on the body of a person, a covenant is established. It is usually a blood covenant. Anytime a person wakes up from sleep to see marks on his/her body, is a sign that a blood covenant has been established. There are three purposes of the lacerations on the body. The first is to gain access to the victim, secondly, to establish a covenant and lastly, to take the blood to their blood bank. They can also use such marks to also monitor their victim.
There are different types of evil marks, such as the mark of rejection. Victims of this types of mark just discover that people hate them for no just cause. They may discover that, they walk into an office where the secretary had been very cordial with others, allowing them to see the boss but for the person carrying the mark, the secretary will become aggressive and uncooperative. Also there is a mark of bad luck (where disaster singles the person out), mark of vagabond (makes the person moves from one church, business, jobs and relationship etc. to another), mark of slavery (makes such a person a servant), mark of sorrow (the person suffers from near success syndrome), mark of evil dedication (the power dedicated to claim ownership) etc.
If you discover that you are a victim of evil mark, then you must be sure of your salvation, break out from every sinful habits, raise a formidable altar of prayers and deliver yourself from this evil mark. (Isaiah 53:1-2)