Divine Touch Praise the Lord!!! I come to give this testimony to the glory of God. My husband and I came to Divine Touch battered and disgrace by the devil. My husband lost his job, I was a teacher battling with three children to feed and pay fees, from three cars to tricycle (keke) most times. It was BAD! Daddy, prayed for us and we went through the deliverance classes. Suddenly, doors began to open, my husband got a job with a multinational, and everything was restored. I resigned and started my own school to the glory of God. Fast forward to 2018, the devil raised his ugly head, by sending in an agent to the school whom we employed as a teacher. Immediately this teacher came, in no time she displaced the old and loyal teachers and they all ran away. The school which, started with 23 pupils suddenly became stagnant, no pupils coming in and no teacher was able to stay, those who insist on staying will suddenly fall ill. I ran to Daddy he prayed with me and send some of his pastors to pray in the school. They prayed and decree her going, since we have nothing physically to hold against her. As the term was coming to end, she suddenly became uncomfortable even though I didn’t say anything to her. She came and told me she wanted to resign, to her surprise, I just agreed immediately, this made her angry so she went to tell all her loyalties to resign thinking I will beg them but I received their letters and asked them to all leave. They started begging but I told them I didn’t sack them, is God that wants them to leave. That was how calm returned to the school. I have come to return all the glory to the God of Divine Touch. Testifier, Sis. Eve.

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